CELFINET appoints new Chairman: Sérgio Quiroga

Ericsson’s former Head of Sales Sérgio Quiroga is the new CELFINET Chairman

After 28 years at Ericsson, Sérgio Quiroga embraces a new challenge as CELFINET’s Chairman.

We are very excited to announce the hiring of Sérgio Quiroga da Cunha as CELFINET’s Chairman.

During a 28 years tenure at Ericsson, Sérgio held different Senior Executive Management positions on national, regional and global levels: Sérgio led teams in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Sweden; he was Latin America CEO for 7 consecutive years and, finally, was responsible for Ericsson’s Global Sales and Commercial Management, from Sweden.

His academic background comprehends a graduation in Telecom Engineering from INATEL, an MBA in General Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and extensive executive education from institutions such as the Columbia Business School, IMD, and Insead.

Sérgio Quiroga is currently the Board’s Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Brazil.
We, therefore, believe that Sérgio’s business acumen, industry insight, and technical command will be promising to CELFINET’s positioning and success.


“We are extremely satisfied on the decision to have a highly respected professional like Sérgio Quiroga da Cunha as CELFINET’s Chairman. His knowledge and unparalleled experience will have a key role in the years to come, addressing our customer’s needs with forthcoming technical challenges.”

– Nuno Ribeiro, Founder & Co-CEO


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