Celfinet has implemented a set of security policies and procedures that establish information security rules in its relationship with customers and partners. Which are made available according to the need identified in the relationship established with each entity.

If you feel the need to know these rules or some additional clarification, the same must be requested through cfn.info@cyient.com


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ISMS Policy

Information Security at Celfinet relies on the basic principles of information security, with respect to the preservation of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, particularly in NOP and SOC projects.

Celfinet undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Information Security Management System and to regulate its activity to ensure:

  • ISO / IEC 27001 certification, aligning its procedures with an internationally recognized standard;
  • A quality service to its clients conducted by the compliance with the information security best practices;
  • The implementation of security controls that contribute to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems;
  • That its employees have the appropriate training and knowledge, contributing to increase the security and quality of the services provided to Celfinet’s clients;
  • That its employees ensure that Celfinet’s proprietary information and data is not made available to third parties, except with the written permission of the line manager;
  • The appropriate characterization and treatment of potential security events and incidents;
  • The continuous improvement of information security management processes.


BCMS Policy

Celfinet believes in leadership for quality as well as Business Continuity and remain committed to be the first brand of choice to our clients by providing “On-time and quality Powered Services”.  We want to establish the leading position in our industry, as independent service provider (not equipment supplier), for timely reliable and ensuring Business continuity services.

Business Continuity Management is fundamental for Celfinet to offer continuously improved services and achieve customer satisfaction.

We will achieve this by:

  • Use effective measures to protect our important processes and assets to achieve business continuity goals;
  • Continually examine ways to protect and improve our BCMS;
  • Protecting and managing our assets to enable us to fulfil our contractual and ethical responsibilities and to comply with applicable BCMS requirements.

All employees are committed to this Business Continuity Policy and are involved in protecting our assets from unauthorized use, modification, disclosure, or destruction, whether accidental or intentional.