Celfinet working on the future

We have invested in advanced R&D in areas such as Radio Access Technologies, IoT, and 5G networks.

Our current Telecom research projects target the development of algorithms and methodologies that enhance the quality of service of mobile networks, streamline network operations, improve energy efficiency, and facilitate network monetization.

We are linked to brilliant minds

Academy partnership provides scientific validation and produces State of the Art Algorithms

R&D Projects

Active Projects
Past Projects


Academic Achievements

Since 2010
Telecom Algorithms (R/D)
Telecom prototypes (in labs)
publications in national and international conferences since 2010
master thesis since 2010
best students paper awards in 2010

Current Telecom Research and Innovation Subjects

  • Coverage and Interference issues detection, root cause analysis and correction: coverage holes, pilot pollution, over shooters, crossed feeders, etc.
  • Coverage and interference optimization
  • Capacity management, traffic forecasting and load balancing
  • QoS vs QoE modeling;
  • SDN/NFV networks
  • Energy efficiency: RAN energy consumption modeling, energy savings modeling based on configuration changes and performance optimization
  • Various advanced engineering tools and techniques: event trace geolocation, propagation modeling and RF fingerprinting, others

VISMON Labs, the Prototype Platform

VISMON Labs is a Web-based software prototype platform developed by Celfinet which provides easy and user friendly GUI to run and test algorithms under development.

An IT team develops and maintains the platform and integrates new algorithms, and ensures adherence with best software development practices.

After successfully passing the VISMON Labs process , an algorithm is integrated into production code.


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