Powered Engineering Services

Celfinet_Center of Excellence (CoE) Powered by VISMON

E2E Optimization Experience

  • E2E optimization methodology relies on correlation of data from multiple sources—network CM, drive testing, performance KPIs, core and RAN event traces
  • Best-of-breed practices for multi-vendor, multi-RAT optimization

Engineering Excelence

  • Best-in-class engineering team honed on numerous technology and engineering consulting assignments
  • Multi-skilled experts, covering CM, PM, DT, signaling tools, automation, data science
  • Adding value by focusing on constant changing customers’ needs

Powerful Automation and tools

  • Using VISMON Manager to automate planning, integration, monitoring and optimization
  • Automatic failure capture, analysis and classification automated via scripts library and custom additions
  • Support for benchmarking across multiple opcos via Layer-3 analysis
  • Library of smart algorithms for RAN optimization

Our numbers


More than 400 sites planned in 2016


600+ Sites accepted and +450 sites optimized


In 2016, 180+ atendees across 19 sessions

Special Event

30+ special event planned & in 2016


50% of our tier1 clients are number 1 in the p3 public benchmark

2TB long processed in 2016

Drive Test

200k analised in 2016

300+ recommendations in 2016
Our Services

The Key for Success

Knowledge Base

Multi-vendor, multi-technology network operations and optimization

Highly skilled team of engineers using company’s best practices to provide industry leading services for 2G, 3G and 4G networks, indoor and small cells, IoT, VoLTE and ViLTE, FTTx, core, IMS/EPC, OSS, transmission and others


Dedicated PMO Office/Guidelines

Celfinet has established the PMO Office to ensure projects are delivered according to best practices and are closely monitored for quality, cost and schedules

Both customers and our own teams receive newsflash updates, weekly reports and overall project completion status updates.

Project staff enjoy monthly team meetings, and continuously engage in knowledge sharing and learning initiatives


Development for network engineering

Reduction of operational costs and timescale compression thanks to process automation supported by VISMON platform

Streamlined implementation of operator-specific business policies and automation of their processes


Small to large project setup

Agility, expertise, VISMON platform and resources to kickoff projects from small to extra-large with equal ease

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