Powered Operations Services

Celfinet_Network Operations Center (NOC)

Celfinet currently runs one central NOC, and several regional NOC extension centers, engaging daily with clients. Workload and staff are managed across multiple NOCs to provide load and schedule buffering.

Powered Operations Services


  • New site integration
  • Beacon and RAN sharing integration
  • Multi-vendor, multi-RAT networks
  • Capacity upgrades (hardware, cabinet, carrier, transmission)
  • Rehoming and cutovers for radio and transmission network subsystems
  • Interfaces creation and verification (IuCS, IuPS, IuR, A/A-ter, Gb, Abis, S1, S2, X1, X2, etc.)
  • RNOC-based, or on-site teams


  • RAN and transmission network planning
  • Network operations and fault management
  • Performance-based acceptance
  • Support for field activities


  • Setup and management of massive network recovery operations, supported by VISMON platform
  • Multi-vendor bulk equipment logical re-configuration


  • Second line team setup, recruitment and training
  • Second line operations and analysis
  • Third line troubleshooting using best-in-class analysis methodology
  • Operations and troubleshooting training

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