Key Benefits

  • Pre-built use cases for key telecom processes
  • Highly configurable and adaptable to any customer environment
  • Closed-loop automation
  • Vendor agnostic for data & processes
  • Complements SON automation

Automation built by network experts


Flexible anomaly detection rules


Perform root cause analysis and propose solution


Implement the correction on the network

Up to 80% reduction in operations staffing for covered processes

Vismon Automation targets the automatic resolution of repeated, common or key network operation problems. Vismon Automation filters all the chatter and focuses your team on the key problems they alone can handle

24x7 automation coverage

Vismon automation is running on the background making sure key processes are always covered

Adaptable to your environment

Vismon Automation supports all the leading vendors and integrates with many common systems within a CSP’s ecosystem out-of-the-box. BPM workflows and rules can easily be configured to conform to your processes

Why do you need automation?

Automation is crucial for the efficient operation of wireless telecom networks. It helps reduce manual errors, increase operational efficiency, and improve overall network performance. Automation also enables real-time monitoring and proactive network management, which helps to quickly identify and resolve network issues, reducing downtime and improving customer experience.

Vismon Automation use case examples:

  • Zero Touch Anomaly Detection & Diagnosis & Resolution
  • Automatically detect a RAN Performance Anomaly, like Accessibility, Retainability or Throughput, and perform an automated data correlation to enhance a root cause analysis until zero touch resolution, based on a set of pre-defined know-how catalogs
  • Automate the correlation and discovery of Fault Alarms, allowing possible to quickly pinpoint the root causes of issues and avoid wasting time and resources investigating minor faults
  • Zero Touch Rollout Site Acceptance
  • Powerful workflow automation designed to streamline the network rollout process. From planning to equipment installation and network testing, automates repetitive tasks and reduces errors, saving time and ensuring a successful rollout.

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