Key Benefits

  • Avoid Vendor-Lock In with a Vendor agnostic product
  • Zero Touch Script Provisioning
  • Reduce Engineering effort with pre built operations library
  • Automate Planning configuration with algorithms library

Take Control of your Rollout

Designed by telecom engineers to solve telecom engineering problems


Multiple OSS data feeds


Automated configuration analysis and inconsistency detection


Outputs corrections reestablishing network to its optimal state

Up to 70% lower cost per operation

The cost of doing internally with your own team using VISMON Smart Rollout will be 70% lower than doing it using vendor services

Less work per operation

Wizards are easy to configure for new operations and technologies. Data sources are easier to configure and the system automatically adapts to changes in the live network

Increased re-usability

Use-case based providing a set of pre-built operations that can be used out-of-the-box or easily modified according to the MNO’s needs for 5G, ORAN or Modernization Rollout

VSR Highlights

  • Provides individual sandboxes for multiple parallel scripting operations to be performed. This allows for scalable operations for large network rollouts
  • Allows for sequential operations over the same network elements taking into consideration not only the live network but also the operations currently being performed over a specific network element for complex operations
  • Abstracts script generation from the live network complexity by generating scripts from reusable operation steps, that are maintained as part of the product
  • Eases the introduction of multi-technology rollouts where older and new technology are combined and the network is reconfigured to take benefit by providing a single operation simultaneously covering different technologies
  • Automated script validation automatically validates network operations, parameter values and datatypes, network operation consistency and compatibility with the installed software versions and hardware

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