Key Features

  • Powerful drill-down analysis using Tableau-based business analytics platform
  • Full set of benchmarking features with predefined or user-created dashboards
  • Root cause analysis pin points the reason and location of the problem, using a comprehensive GIS platform
  • RF diagnosis algorithms for automated and proactive problem detection
  • Events logs provide detailed information for troubleshooting and issue correction

Monitor your Network performance.

Extract valuable KPI from our advanced reporting database.


Network Performance and customer experience


Visualize performance using customer reports


Improve QoS

Benchmarking Module

  • View QoS/QoE KPI’s and Benchmarking algorithms to assess Network Performance at a KPI level.
  • Drill-down and assess the network’s QoS/QoE performance spotlighting the worst geographical (outlier) areas per KPI’s per geographical areas.

Explorer Module

  • Browse, search, select and access log files for further in-depth analysis
  • Filter and download reporting results from the reporting database, where the most relevant RAN engineering data is aggregated per each voice or data call

Diagnosis Module

  • Automatic self-detection algorithm providing analysis to support Radio Access Network Engineers
  • Configurable Algorithms with user editable input parameters to support Radio Engineering Analysis
  • Algorithms Results categorization by Radio Damage Rank, gives Radio Engineers quick actions prioritization
  • User friendly GeoMap Interface view algorithm results

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